Ofcom published its annual Communications Market Report this week. This report provides a reference for industry, stakeholders and consumers across the sectors Ofcom regulates.  A handy bite-size version of the report is available here.

What has the 2017 report revealed?

  • The increased take-up of fixed and mobile data services is extending people’s choice over how, where and when they communicate, watch or listen to content services, seek information, shop, and participate in the digital world.
  • Technology has revolutionised the way we watch TV in the UK – on-demand and streaming is becoming more mainstream and we are quickly becoming a nation of “binge-watchers” – 40 million now watch episodes back-to-back in the UK.
  • Images are an increasingly central method of communication but approach to and understanding of online privacy diverges between the older generation and the new.
  • Despite the threat from online services, the TV advertising market has remained resilient and revenues for the broadcast TV industry increased by 2% in real terms to £13.8bn in 2016.
  • The total number of fixed telephone lines remained stable at 33.5 million in 2016 and residential fixed lines increased by 1.3% to 26.4 million. This is contrasted however with the use of fixed line services which continued to decline in 2016, displaced by mobile usage

Some interesting take-away stats:

  • 94% of UK homes have a digital TV.
  • Almost 9 in 10 adults have internet access at home.
  • 66% of us use our mobile phone to access the internet.
  • BBC iPlayer is the most popular on-demand/ streaming service in the UK among adults, but teens prefer YouTube and Netflix.