On 24 March 2017, Ofcom started a consultation on proposed template contract terms as well as a code of practice and template notices to be used with the revised UK Electronic Communications Code (Code). The Code provides a statutory backdrop for the relationship between infrastructure based telecoms operators and landowners, with a revised Code to be introduced as part of the UK’s Digital Economy Bill. The drafts being consulted on represent the output of extended engagement by Ofcom with stakeholders from both the landlord and operator communities. Once adopted, the template terms, notices and code will from the starting point for standard market practice, so any interested parties who have additional issues or comments should use this consultation as a means of having their views considered. As discussed in more detail below, the level of indemnity and liability caps in the standard wayleave template are likely to be of material interest to both operators and landlords. Continue Reading Ofcom consults on templates for telecoms operator – landowner contracts

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